Stuff we do

Hardware Repair:

  • Laptop screen repair
  • Black screen
  • Won't turn on / turns on but nothing happens
  • Cracked or shattered palmrest / case / lid assembly
  • Computer shuts off by itself
  • Cooling fan repair
  • DVD-drive repair / replacement
  • System beeps endlessly when turned on
  • Power supply repair / replacement
  • DC jack / power port repair
  • Laptop spills / liquid damage
  • Keyboard repair / replacement
  • Broken hinges
  • MacBook battery replacement
  • Hard drive / disk repair

Software Repair:

  • Virus Removal
  • Spinning Rainbow Pinwheel of Death (Mac)
  • Blue screen of death (BSOD) errors
  • Blinking folder with question mark (Mac)
  • Pop-ups and programs that won't go away
  • Connect to WiFi but unable to get to websites
  • Strange error messages when trying to run, update, or uninstall programs
  • Kernel panic / kext errors (Mac)
  • Boot mgr missing
  • Windows Update errors
Suddenly presented with a message that you need to format a disk before you can use it? Has your system crashed and you just need to get your data back so you can move on?

If your hard drive is still operable (not making odd clicking or whining noises) we will be able to get your stuff back.

Clicking or ticking sounds are tell-tale signs of physical device failure requiring data recovery from a clean room or using special equipment that interacts with the internals of your hard disk. For this level of data recovery we offer referrals to a local business with an excellent success rate for data recovery on physically failed or damaged disks. This ensures your overall turnaround on recovery is as fast as possible and supports local business.
A cracked, shattered or obnoxiously misbehaving screen can be super frustrating, especially when you know the computer is otherwise working fine. For the most painless experience possible, give us a call with your laptop model number and we'll be happy to give you an estimate. Typical turnaround is 48 hours or less!

Note: If not an obvious crack in the glass, black screens can be caused by faulty inverters (used to power the bulb in CCFL-lit screens), bad screens in general, faulty cables, loose cables, motherboard failure, and more.

If the screen is simply blank, before replacing the screen we will quickly evaluate and present other affordable options for fast repair to ensure your downtime is as brief as possible.
  • Virus/Malware Removal is performed as a flat rate service with 24hr turnaround
  • 30-Day Warranty against same or similar infection
  • Free tools included to help prevent future infection
  • Review of the source/cause of infection and guidance on how to avoid similar infections in the future
  • Analysis of current system security and recommendations for cost-effective solutions
  • General system performance analysis and targeted recommendations for performance increase
Applications indicative of malware presence:
  • MyPCBackup
  • MyWebSearch - Mindspark suite of marketing applications
  • Conduit (Search, Toolbars, Helpers)
  • Driver updating programs (Detective, Support, Update)
  • Yontoo
  • Misspelled applications
  • Programs with titles containing combinations of the words "Coupon", "Driver", "Save", "Speed", "Cleaner", "PC", "Registry", or "Optimizer"
Trust your instincts! Only scammers will call you about an infection on your computer, there is no service that can identify your computer from the internet and correlate that with your phone number.
Note: Common causes for poor performance include poor ventilation and thermal components in need of service. We offer a flat rate on thermal care for both laptops and desktop computers!
Standard Thermal Maintenance (Laptop):
  • Chassis cleaned of all dust & debris
  • Heatsink & fan assembly cleaned
  • Cooling fan reconditioned (Replacement optional, parts not included in flat rate)
  • Expired thermal compound & thermal conductive pads removed and replaced
  • Motherboard cleaned of insulating dust buildup
Standard Thermal Maintenance (Desktop):
  • Cable management - clears obstructive cable mess preventing proper air flow
  • Chassis cleaned of all dust & debris
  • Power supply cleaned of dust buildup
  • Motherboard & peripheral cards cleaned of insulating dust buildup
  • Video card heatsink & fan assembly cleaned - expired thermal components replaced
  • System fans cleaned and reconditioned (Replacement optional, parts not included in flat rate)
  • Processor heatsink & fan assembly cleaned
  • Expired thermal compound removed & replaced
  • Video card cleaned & heatsink assembly

Stuff we do not do

  • Kindle repair
  • Cell phone jailbreak
  • Smartphone cracked screens
  • Phone power ports
  • Television repair
  • Projector repair
  • Dell BIOS password recovery
  • Stereo repair
  • Television repair: yes, listed twice on purpose